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Now that you've cleaned off all the shortcuts on your desktop, you'll want to have some nice pictures to use as a background while you work.

Google is a great place to start looking for pictures. Just type in "photo archive" as the search term.

Try this for some out of this world pics.

Also, check out the Usenet news groups. I like "alt.binaries.pictures.scenic". In the alt.binaries hiearchy you'll find thousands of pics, including some you might not want to use as a desktop, especially at work.

For a huge selection of pics, mostly free for personal use, try Webshots, a photo gallery site where you can choose from many beautiful photos. Here are some samples of what you'll find at Webshots.

Webshots is where I found the work of a gentleman calling himself "andybandi". In fact, most of the samples above are his. I've compressed these a lot, so you'll want to visit andybandi to get the best quality.

Finally, here's some of my work, pictures and fractals.

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