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BBar uses icons to identify the buttons. When you are mostly putting applications (editors, utilities, games) on BBar it is easiest to just use the icon associated with the application (which BBar will do by default). However, if you use BBar's ability to launch data files (.txt, .wrk, .doc are examples) then you'll want a good source of icons so everything can have it's own fancy icon. Besides, really nice looking icons dress up your desktop.

Icon making is a fine art form and some of the icons you'll find are truly beautiful. You can find cartoon characters, hardware pics, scenic and just plain old pics of stuff.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free or low cost icons available on the internet. My favorite source of free icons is Leo's Icon Archive. There you'll find loads of icons as well as links to other icon sites. It's a great starting point.

The second way to find icons is to visit Google and type in "free icons" as the search string. It will pull up a bunch of sites, some free, others that want your email address in return for downloading icons. You can guess what they'll do with your email address.

Finally, you can create your own icons if you have an artistic bent. Forrest Walter turns out some of the most amazing icons I've seen. Visit his web site for some tips and inspiration.

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