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Is there a way to edit a text file with BBar?

To edit a note file, say Music.txt, with just the click of a button use the following syntax in the button filename field:

Notepad.exe d:\notes\Music.txt

Clicking on the button will cause Notepad to run and immediately load Music.txt for editing. This is an example of a "command line". Many programs accept command lines, some much more sophisticated that just a file name.

Often you can get the syntax for command line options by running the program like this:

Filename.exe /? or Filename.exe /Help

This trick works easily for DOS programs. For Windows programs choose Start/Run and type in the command.


How can I use an icon other than the one normally associated with a program?

Right click on a icon button or menu button to open the Button Properties dialog below:

select Properties

Click on the Icon File button and navigate to the icon you want. If the icon is located in a DLL or EXE file, be sure to click on the up/down button to look at all the icons in the file. Sometimes there's a real gem in there! You can also find lots of free icons on the Internet. Start with a trip to google.com and type in "icons". You'll be amazed. Or, for the most fun, make one yourself using Microsoft Paint, included free with every version of windows.

You can also use the Properties menu to move icons from one menu to another using the cut/copy/paste items on the menu.


Can I launch Windows utilities (like the ones in Control Panel) with BBar?

Yes, but the methods to do it are advanced features. See the help file that comes with BBar for exact step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

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