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If you're like most people...

  • you have a desktop cluttered with icons
  • most of them you never use even when know what they do
  • when you're working they're covered up and usless
  • you spend too much time moving windows around to reach the desktop
  • your system tray is so full of icons that it's wider than your taskbar
  • you leave applications running just so you won't have to look for the icon
  • and don't even get me started on the Start menu

Well, no more! BBar will clean up your desktop, your taskbar, your system tray and even your Start menu! I'll show you how.

BBar is organized as a group of buttons on button bars. Think of the button bars as sub-menus to the main menu. Move up and down through the button bars with one click of the mouse.

As a developer I use over 100 different programs in my work and play, yet this is how my desktop looks. I can reach any program with no more than 2 or 3 simple mouse clicks using BBar.

Notice the little row of icons in the upper left hand corner of the desktop. That's BBar! It holds "icons" to represent programs or menus. You create a menu structure to hold your program icons, organizing them according to tasks, for example, all your game programs in one menu.


Here's a close up of BBar. Each program is represented by an icon. Click on the icon and launch the program. You can arrange the icons to suit your tastes by dragging and dropping with the mouse. If your mouse pointer is over a button menu (rather than a program) the pointer will become an arrow to indicate you can click the icon to move up or down a menu level.

If you let the pointer hover over an icon for a few seconds, its title will appear in a tool tip (little yellow box).

If you right click on the Lobo icon, a drop down menu will appear where you can set preferences or get help. Click New Button or Menu to add programs to your BBar. Explorer, Note Pad and Write are so often used that I've added a handy quick jump right to them. Use Run Program to start a program that you don't use often enough to add to BBar or DOS Command to open a DOS window for your legacy programs.

Select Preferences on the Lobo and you can configure where and how BBar appears on your desktop. It will be happy sitting in any corner of your desktop. Set the offsets to move it away from the corners and set it to run up and down the screen or from side to side.

If you want, you can set BBar to "roll up" when you've moved to a different program. It will gracefully roll itself up into a line about 3 pixels thick so it's completely out of the way. To reactivate it, just move your mouse pointer over it and it will unroll.

If you're a power user, you want this little utility.

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©2005 Jim Arnold