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Microsoft Windows, any version

64 M memory

5 MB hard drive space

Download and installation instructions:

Download the BBar setup program here. You only need to run it once. If you just need the latest release, click the latest release link below.

Installation program , about 3 MB, <Download Setup Program>

Check for latest release.

Setting up BBar for first use:

After you've downloaded the setup program and run it to install BBar on your computer, you can begin to configure it. The quickest way to add programs is to drag and drop files from within Windows Explorer. You can also right click on the Lobo logo and choose "New Button". Once you've added a few programs, organize them by adding a new menu (right click on the Lobo logo and choose "New Menu") and cutting and pasting your icons onto the new menu.

Then, of course, you'll want icons and pictures!


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